Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Denim Backpack Purse

I was up at 5:50am and needed something quiet to do so as not to wake everyone up. And since I can't just read a book like a normal person, I made another purse.

jeans backpack 04 Here are the jeans that sacrificed themselves for my new purse.

jeans backpack 01It turned out pretty good!

jeans backpack 02 

The ribbon straps weren’t long enough, so I added some of the extra lining fabric to extend them.

jeans backpack 03

I also added an outside pocket and embellished it with one of the adorable crocheted flowers that my sister Amy make. Thanks Amy! I love using these on my bags!


I think a backpack purse will be better for what I want anyway.

Monday, July 20, 2009

This Bag’s A Hoot

I decided I wanted a new cute bag for this week, so I made one. I love owls and messenger bags, so I combined the two and came up with this…

owl purse 01

The appliqué made it a bit more work, but it was worth it.

owl purse 02

I used a great brown and orange print to line both the handle and the front flap.

owl purse 03 I wasn’t sure about the lime green lining, but it turned out great and I love it with the chocolate brown! I may have to the combination again…

owl purse 04 I also used the print to make an inside pocket for my pen and phone.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Summer Stamp

Today was the all-day stamp at church. Not only did we make 62 birthday cards to send to our missionaries, but I was also able to make some cards for my own stash, too! I made 35 cards all together today! That’s not bad considering that I did quite a bit of chatting and eating as well. :o)  I was really on a creative roll today (which doesn’t always happen on the days I need it to)! I hated to pack things up, but eventually we had to go home.

summer stamp day cards 01

this is all the cards I made today

These are some of my favorites…

brown blue thanks 01

brown blue thanks 02

brown blue thanks 03

brown blue thanks 04

brown blue thanks 05clothesline babyfrog b-dayold car b-daypink brown thanks 01pink brown thanks 02pink stripe babypurple dot babysquare b-daysquare dot babystripe bear baby

Wow, I had more favorites than I thought! LOL          

Monday, July 6, 2009

Play Mats

For Ada’s first birthday this year, I made her some play mats. I used the left over vinyl from the picnic quilt for the back and made two of them. One was a under the sea theme and the other was  a flower garden. They were fun on their own but would also make great pages for a busy book.


play mats 01

first cut out the size mat or page you want and sew on the first things you want on it

play mats 02

then sew on the dirt or sand on the bottom

play mats 05

press down the bottom strip

play mats 06

cut the vinyl to match

play mats 07

add binding

play mats 08

play mats 03

sew on the velcro where you want your pieces to go

play mats 09 play mats 10 

 play mats 11

make the pieces you play mats 12want with velcro on backs

play mats 04 play mats 13