Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Winter Apron

I decided I couldn’t cook any more without an apron. Not only does it keep my pants clean (yes, I do wipe them off on my pants while cooking), but it looks so cute!

I had lots of cooking to do today and I stayed really clean!!! It was so easy to do and only took a Dollar Tree dish towel and about 30 minutes. Oh, and also a piece of ribbon from a Christmas present wrapping and a piece of flannel.

Now I have to make my summer apron with the other towel…

winter apron 01

winter apron 02

Friday, December 18, 2009

Penguin Christmas 2009

This year’s Christmas card is all penguins. Debbie Bernard came over to stamp this morning and had this adorable stamp that I just had to use! They turned out perfect! Thanks Debbie!!!

penguin christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Christmas Ornaments

This is the ornament I made for Christmas this year. It was pretty easy and I love the retro look!

2009 ornament 01

What a Bazaar Week

This past week I did two Christmas bazaars. Crafty Wonderland was on Sunday and the Homeschool Holiday Bazaar was Tuesday. I spent the past few weeks hurriedly sewing as fast as I could!

crafty wonderland 01 grown-up journal covers

crafty wonderland 02

taggy balls

crafty wonderland 04

kids journal covers

crafty wonderland 05

with crayons

crafty wonderland 06

and pencils

crafty wonderland 07

coloring book bags

crafty wonderland 08

crafty wonderland 09

crinkly blankets

crafty wonderland 10

taggy blankets

I didn’t get to go to Crafty Wonderland but my stuff went with Amy and Theresa. Thanks you two! Thankfully the winter weather warning didn’t stop people from coming (2000 people were waiting at the door when they opened and 7500 shopped that day). Unfortunately, the economy did keep people from buying. :o(

crafty wonderlandour booth at Crafty Wonderland before people came 

The homeschool bazaar went well and I am looking forward to doing it again next year. But I will start sewing NOW!!! :o)