Friday, January 7, 2011

Camera Bag

Santa gave us a new camera for Christmas but didn’t give us a bag. It’s too nice of a camera to not have a cozy little home of its own! But I also don’t like all those store-bought camera bags, they just aren’t cute… :o)

So I went into my stash, found some fabric I liked and made my own. It’s not exactly what I wanted but it will do nicely for our trip and will also double as my purse. And I love my little bird on the flap!

camera bag 01

I think I’m going to love the long messenger-style handle

camera bag 02Side pocket for sunglasses

camera bag 03 

Back pocket for phone and any other necessities

camera bag 04 

I put a couple of pockets inside, too!

After a whole week of use I’m sure I’ll know exactly what features I’ll want for my next one! :o)