Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I have been thinking lately about simple things that just make my heart happy. Silly little things that seem insignificant to most people but give you so much joy! Today I was thinking about how much I love getting out wrinkles and pressing open seams on my new ironing board cover!

But just look all cute it is! But I do like that I can’t see the metal pattern of my ironing board burned into my cover any more… :o)

ironing board 01

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Skirt

This month we decided to sew for Sister Day. All of my sisters sew their own clothes and I was beginning to feel a little lame… Although my one and only attempt at sewing something to wear (an apron does NOT count) ended with tears and strips of a would-be dress in the trash can, I still decided to take the challenge and make a skirt. Besides, they all assured me that it was easy.

I packed up my Pfaff, some thread, pins, scissors, a seam ripper (was pretty sure I’d need it),  and my fabric and headed to my mom’s for a new sewing adventure!

Actually it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I almost quit as soon as I heard the words “it has a zipper”, but I persevered! It helped to have such a sweet sewing helper though!

skirt 01Elsie was so cute laying on the dining room table while we sewed!

I almost finished the whole thing before leaving but I had to do the hem at home…

skirt 02My sister puts lace on her hems. Not only is it pretty but doesn’t require any annoying and tedious turning! :o)

skirt 03I also went to IKEA with my youngest sister for dinner and shopping and picked up 5 new skirt hangers while I was there! Who knows? I may make 5 new skirts to go on them…

skirt 04It turned out better than I imagined! Especially since I totally forgot to try it on until it was done! Oops!

skirt 07     I’ve already got all the fabric for my next skirt and have scoped out my stash for some potentials…

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mini Chinese Take Out

The idea of serving my Seaweed Snack Mix in a take out box just kept pestering me. Then I remembered the itsy bitsy take out boxes I made one year for our annual family Christmas tree ornaments… Just the ticket! They give you just a bit of snack mix or anything else you’d like to throw in one. These fun little boxes are also an  ideal box for favors at a party or for tiny gift boxes!

You could decorate them anyway you want to match any theme your little heart desires. Have fun with this one! The possibilities are almost endless: use different stamps, patterned papers, stickers, three-dimensional embellishments…

1. Click HERE to download the pdf. pattern and print it up on any 8.5”x 11” cardstock.

Take Out Box Pattern take out box 012. Cut out the box on the solid lines.

take out box 02

3. Using a micro hole punch to punch out the holes for the handle. Then take an exacto knife to cut the slit for the tab.

take out box 03

4. Fold on all the dotted lines. Be sure to fold them in so that the lines are on the inside of your box.

take out box 045. Stamp or decorate the sides of your box.  Decorate the sides without the tabs. The other sides will be covered up by the flaps.

take out box 07take out box 08The ladybug gives it a totally different look!

6. Cut an 8” piece of floral wire for your handle.  Bend the sides so that it has a 2” top. Use pliers to bend the ends up about 1/2'”.

take out box 067. Fold up box so that the holes line up for your handle.

take out box 058. Insert handles into both holes so that wire is on the inside of the flaps. Carefully pinch the “hook” a bit to secure the handles.

  take out box 09