Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sara's Bags

I was commissioned to make a knitting bag for my friend Sara, so I decided to do a bit of experimenting with it.

Well, it didn't work out the way I had hoped so I decided to keep it for myself. I put handles on it today so it will be much more useful. :o)

I love the pocket fabric!
the big pleated pockets inside seemed like a good idea at the time

Since the first attempt was a reject, Sara bought some fabric she liked so I could try again. This time I went simple and it turned out great! It's nice and big for those beautiful afghans she crochets!

I hope you like it Sara! It's ready whenever you are!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flower Princess

I just finished the flower princess costume for my niece's Christmas present. I made the skirt out of an old duvet cover.
It turned out pretty cute! I hope she likes it. It kinda makes we wish we had a girl...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Skirt Bag

My friend Sally commissioned me to make a bag for her daughter for Christmas. For the fabric, she gave me an old skirt of her daughter's that she no longer wore.
I cut it up and made a really cute messenger bag out of it. I even took some of the fringe off the bottom of the skirt to put on the flap of the bag. I hope she likes it!

Chris thought it was so nice that he thinks I should offer to make custom bags out of old clothes for people for my Right Back At Ya store. Great idea honey! I think it will have to wait until after Christmas though. :o)



Monday, November 17, 2008

I Did It Again

I just opened another Etsy store! Maybe I'm crazy! But the nice thing about Etsy is I can do it at my own pace (unlike a bazaar). You can check out my link on the side bar.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girls' Nite- Stampin'

Tonight was our Girls' Nite Out at church. We did stamping. I love to do it and wish I had time to do it more often. I forgot to take pictures - AGAIN! I wish I had remembered, because we all had such a fun time and made lots of cards. Especially all the little girls. But I do have pictures of the cards I made. (not the same, but it will have to do)

this one is my favorite

It's A Bazaar World

I have spent the last week frantically sewing and trying to get ready for the bazaar I did yesterday with some friends of mine from Friday School.

I was so crazy busy (and tired) that I didn't take any pictures. :o( But I did take a few of some of the things I made. I will try to post more later.

If I do this again next year, I am going to start sewing now!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Duvet Cover Dress-up

Today I finished making an old duvet cover into a dress-up skirt. My friend Megan came over to help me and loan me a pattern to use. We changed the pattern a bit, then I changed it some more and voila... it's now a really twirly skirt perfect for living room dance recitals.

The fabric is a pretty iridescent green and purple. I think I will be able to make a couple of more to finish up the fabric.

All I need now is a model to see if it fits anyone before I start any more...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shopping Bags & Skirts

Yesterday I finished two more bags. One is a shopping bag made from the extra fabric that my sister used for her kitchen curtains about ten years ago.

The other bag is a cute little purse that I made out of an old wool skirt. It is lined with a scrap of a pretty toille of black and white.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pink Denim Purse

I finished a purse today. I made it out of an old pair of Gap jeans and some scrap fabric from my sister. It has a phone pocket on the back, a pocket inside, 3 of Amy's crocheted flowers and a velcro closure.


It turned out cute and fun!


One Down, Lots To Go

Well, I am done with one item that I can take to the bazaar in a couple of weeks.

It's not perfect (they rarely are), but I think it turned out pretty well. Those puppies are just so darned cute!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puppy Progress

I am finally getting somewhere further than thinking about it with a sewing project...

I love these guys! And they are pretty easy, too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Will I Ever Sew Again?

I started getting ready to make a quilt on Friday night when everyone was gone, but I am beginning to fear I will never sew again. For some reason I just have not had time to do it lately and I really miss it. I also need to get some done because I am doing a bazaar in November with my friend Sally.

everything is ready to go...

I made this quilt while we were in Rolette.

I am going to try to make another one for the bazaar.

It's one of my favorite quilts!

Last week I went to JoAnn's for their Columbus Day sale ( I won't do that again) and got some stuff that I needed, and some that I didn't. I picked up 4 patterns on sale for 99 cents each. Some of them were regularly over $15 each!

Well, we'll see what happens now that the weather is getting cooler...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Girls' Nite Out- Makin Soap

We had a girls' night at our church on Friday night and we made soaps. My friend Kate came up to help us make castille soap (olive oil) in the crockpot and I bought some melt-and-pour glycerin soaps from Michaels.

The olive oil soap turned out lovely! We made a batch of plain soap and a batch of lemongrass. By the way, lemongrass is a wonderful fragrance and an inexpensive essential oil.

Unfortunately, the melt-and-pour was a disaster! I chose the fancier Natural olive oil and goat milk bases rather than the basic ones. They even had a suspension formula so that your additives wouldn't all sink to the bottom of your soaps. Well, they could not have sunk to the bottom because the soap set up before you even had them added.

Although it didn't go as planned, we still had a great time! But it also meant I didn't take any pictures. :o(

But here is a picture of the soap that you SHOULD NOT buy if you want to try making soaps.

Here are some soaps that I made in the past that turned out great!

melt and pour

Castille soaps

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Makin' Cards In The Kitchen

Today I went to my friend Sally's to make cards. It was fun to get to visit with her again (we've both had a crazy summer), see all her cool stuff, enjoy a nice lunch, and make some cute cards. I introduced her to SplitcoastStampers (check them out if you like to stamp) and she let me use her crop-a-dile (see "Leingangs Recommend").

I made 15 cards today, but better yet, I had a fun day with a great friend! Thanks again Sally! Oh, and thank your hubby for being so patient with our mess. :o)

this is my favorite one, I love the turquoise and orange together