Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Jeans Aprons

I made a couple more jeans aprons today. They are really pretty quick and easy and are a great way to use up all those old jeans that often get holes in one knee!

jeans aprons 01 this one has three pleated tomato pockets

jeans aprons 02

jeans aprons 03

I love the print on the pockets! I’m thinking about adding buttons…

Perfect Pocket Apron

I think I finally found the perfect apron pocket. As much as I love the pleated pockets on my last apron, they were a little more difficult and take quite a long piece of fabric.

My hope was to design a deep, squared pocket that was easy to do and didn’t take too much fabric. After some thought and experimenting, I think I found it…

The apron is make out of one leg from an old pair of jeans. A bit of cutting, some binding for the edges, a neckband and some ties… and it’s done.

perfect apron pockets 01

One fat quarter and some trim fabric was all I needed for both lined pockets! 

perfect apron pockets 02perfect apron pockets 03perfect apron pockets 04 

Yup, I think this one is just right!!!

Little Shirt Clothespin Bag

I found this idea on-line and got the perfect little shirts off the free table at Friday School! I added my own original tag and little red hanger and now have a very cute and unique clothespin bag…

shirt clothespin bag 01

shirt clothespin bag 02

I might try taking the sleeves off the next one and see what I think???

Monday, February 22, 2010

Laundry Apron

I used to have a wonderful apron that my mom gave me that had really deep pockets. It was for holding clothespins while hanging laundry. I used it so much that it fell apart. I made a replacement last year, but it just wasn’t the same. So this year I tried again, and was successful!

Again,a Dollar Tree kitchen towel and some scrap fabric came together to make a really great pleated, 3-pocket apron! I like it so much I am gonna try to make a full apron with two pockets at the bottom for working in the yard. I thought it would be perfect for wearing out to work in the garden (there’s always something to pick and bring in during the summer) or for gathering eggs. I can’t wait to get another one done!

work apron 01 work apron 02work apron 03

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Really Cool Clipart

This is some really cool clipart I found tonight while trying to find pictures to make into appliqué patterns. Some of them I love so much I may just print them, frame them, and hang ‘em on the wall!!!

60s birdsI like this one for the wet bar in the family room

bird and blue apple 

I like this apple for appliqué

bird on swirly tree

elephant & boy

this one is just cute and happy and the elephant would be a cute appliqué

green background birds 

green mini picsretro mini pics

 these last 3 might look good in our trailer?

yellow background dove

tree on mountain pictureowl clipartI LOVE this owl

hen & chicks picture  

But this hen and her chicks is my absolute favorite! Not only am I going to hang it somewhere, but I will probably use it as an iron-on and an appliqué

Sunday, February 14, 2010

ipod Valentines

Every year I make Valentines for Chris and the boys. This year I finally made the ipod idea that I got from Family Fun magazine years ago. I’m glad they still had the template on their website!

I think they turned out pretty cute! And I think the guys liked ‘em, too!

ipod valentine 01

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finishing UFOs

I realized it was finally time to finish all those UFO (unfinished objects) projects lying around my craft table.

First up was the baby quilt I cut out while at the beach. I also took the extra flannel and made two bibs and two baby toys.

monster baby 01 monster baby 02 monster baby 03 Then I also finished one of the two picnic quilts (a quilt backed with a flannel tablecloth) that I had pieced together last fall. I would have done the other one, too but I have to finish piecing the third one so I know how they all fit onto the tablecloth I am using for the back… (but I did get the third one most cut out)

tablecloth quilt 01tablecloth quilt 02

I also made my tea towel garden quilt, and a coloring bag for our godson’s birthday.

garden apron 01

I have so many ideas for more future UFOs and so little time!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clothespin Bag

My mom and I saw the cutest clothespin bag while at Cannon Beach last week. I liked it so much that I decided to see if I could recreate it myself…

It worked great! It’s the perfect size and I love the fabric and now I have TONS of ideas for other ones!!!

clothespin bag 01

 I love the little flowers I got at the Wal-Mart after Christmas sale for 50 cents a package!!! (I’m glad I remembered I had them!)clothespin bag 02I hung it up and took pics before I sewed the side seams and the smallest hanger I had was still too big 

The only problem is that it is too small for any of the hangers I have. I really like the size it is and I really wouldn’t want it big enough to accommodate a bigger hanger. Maybe I need to see if I can find someone who had baby-sized hangers???

Now I just have to decide which one to make next…