Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perfect Pocket Apron

I think I finally found the perfect apron pocket. As much as I love the pleated pockets on my last apron, they were a little more difficult and take quite a long piece of fabric.

My hope was to design a deep, squared pocket that was easy to do and didn’t take too much fabric. After some thought and experimenting, I think I found it…

The apron is make out of one leg from an old pair of jeans. A bit of cutting, some binding for the edges, a neckband and some ties… and it’s done.

perfect apron pockets 01

One fat quarter and some trim fabric was all I needed for both lined pockets! 

perfect apron pockets 02perfect apron pockets 03perfect apron pockets 04 

Yup, I think this one is just right!!!

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