Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finishing UFOs

I realized it was finally time to finish all those UFO (unfinished objects) projects lying around my craft table.

First up was the baby quilt I cut out while at the beach. I also took the extra flannel and made two bibs and two baby toys.

monster baby 01 monster baby 02 monster baby 03 Then I also finished one of the two picnic quilts (a quilt backed with a flannel tablecloth) that I had pieced together last fall. I would have done the other one, too but I have to finish piecing the third one so I know how they all fit onto the tablecloth I am using for the back… (but I did get the third one most cut out)

tablecloth quilt 01tablecloth quilt 02

I also made my tea towel garden quilt, and a coloring bag for our godson’s birthday.

garden apron 01

I have so many ideas for more future UFOs and so little time!!!

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  1. As I'm a beginner seamstress (okay, truth is I rarely get to sew, so my skill level is LOW!!), I thought about doing some baby bibs and spit cloths, but needed a (gasp) pattern. That's right, can't figure it out myself (or won't take the time). Any hints? Also, the kids want to make them with me to give away to the shelter. Thanks!