Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crafty Organization

There are TONS of great ideas for organizing your home on Pinterest! But this past week or so I’ve learned that if you want to DO any of those great ideas, you can’t spend any time on Pinterest… It’s a real catch 22. ;o)

I did all of my Fall cleaning in the last 8 days! After the craziness of summer I need to get things back in order. This means purging, organizing and cleaning. It also meant implementing a few of the ideas I got off Pinterest… If only there was enough time to do them all!

organizing 01

This is my list of possible meals and snacks for the week. I was inspired by this idea at Make and Takes

organizing 04

organizing 13

I took the same idea of using picture frames as dry erase boards and used it for my prayer lists and for cooking checklists

organizing 05organizing 06organizing 07

This idea came from Not on the High Street but I decided to just make one out of felt instead of buying one.

organizing 11

organizing 09

organizing 08

organizing 10

I’ve needed some bookmarks to mark the songs I practice for church each week. So I made these button ones from Bella Dia. But then I got the idea to use them to hold my sheet music together. Unfortunately buttons were too heavy. But ribbon worked very nicely!

organizing 14

saving space with an idea from Infarrantly Creative

organizing 17

This spice drawer is my favorite! Thanks Frugal D├ęcor Mom! It also freed up space in the pantry because I was able to get rid of my spinny spice rack thing from our wedding almost 20 years ago…

organizing 16

I also love having all my dry goods in glass jars so I can see what’s in them!

organizing 15

I got these dry erase wall clings on clearance at Wal Mart. I used a cute plaid binder clip for a pen holder and now I have an easy place to keep track of all the items I need to put on my grocery list!

organizing 02organizing 03

My recipes were totally out of hand, so I dressed up 3 ugly binders I got for free with some scrapbook paper. Now I have 3 very cute and organized recipe binders. They are also very HUGE and had to find a new home in the kitchen!

I feel much better now that everything is so nice and organized! Now I just need to get back into a routine again…

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crafty Conundrum

Yesterday’s post was all about the adorable sweaters I got while at the outlet mall on vacation.  Not only were all of the sweaters on sale but I also got a free tote bag with the bargain.

Problem is, the bag really just isn’t my style. But I figure maybe I could do a bit of a makeover or craft project with it to remedy that problem? Next dilemma, I have no clue as to what to do with it. I’ve been thinking about robots or a space theme??? Will anything stick to it??? If I cut it up will it just fall apart???

So, here’s where I need your help. Any ideas of what I can do to make this more fun either for myself or to give as a gift? Just post a comment here or on Facebook and put in your two cents. Thanks!

silver tote 01

silver tote 02