Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fair Inspiration

I am always inspired and awed when we go to the fair. This year’s State Fair was no exception. My favorite exhibits are the crafts! Tons of great ideas, gorgeous fabrics and patterns to try…

fair quilts 01

fair quilts 02fair quilts 05fair quilts 24

fair quilts 04

this year’s Grand Champion

fair quilts 03

the garden gate actually opens

fair quilts 06

cute felt sewing sampler

fair quilts 07

these vintage prints were very sweet

fair quilts 08

I liked the blue, red and pale yellow combination

fair quilts 11

I’m not sure what I think of the puffy squares???

fair quilts 12

this appliqué scene was one of my favorites

fair quilts 14

I would love to get this appliqué pattern

fair quilts 17 

I love these owls, too

fair quilts 15

can you tell what this is made of?

fair quilts 16

millions of tiny yo-yos! I have NO desire to make one of these!

fair quilts 18

I am sure this is way more complicated than I want to do

fair quilts 21

I love this fabric and color combo

fair quilts 22

I would love to try a prairie point edge someday

fair quilts 23

these flowers are fun and would probably be easy to duplicate

So now I just have to decide what project to start next…

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paper Dolls (Sort of)

Today Amy, Theresa and I made our first set of fabric paper dolls to sell on our Etsy store. Theresa did a great job embroidering the face and Amy and I worked on the rest.

Our Grandma Rohrer made them for us and Maggie likes them so much that we decided maybe other little girls (or boys) would, too.

We made only one set and it took us all day! But we learned a lot and I think we have a much better idea of what works well and what doesn’t. They’ll go faster in the future.

I think she turned out really sweet and I’m hoping they’re a big hit for Christmas (and birthdays)!

paper dolls 01

paper dolls 02

paper dolls 04paper dolls 05paper dolls 06paper dolls 07