Monday, August 30, 2010

Plate Art

I saw this at the restaurant we had dinner at. I stared at it quite a bit while we ate wondering just how it was done. Then Chris walked up and touched it… It was just a bunch of glass plates glued to a piece of glass with clear silicon adhesive on both sides.

Now I want to buys lots of glass plates and make one to hang in my window! Oh and something that can cut glass plates…

Sorry the pics didn’t turn out very well, but you can get the idea…

glass wall 03  glass wall 02

glass wall 01

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Operation Organization

I really let myself go the past few months…

craft organize 09 craft organize 08 While I didn’t do any actual craft projects, I did accumulate LOTS of stuff for doing craft projects. And to make matters worse, I just let it stack up everywhere! I couldn’t even see what I had, much less find space to work in.

With fall quickly approaching, I knew it was time to get organized. So I moved Will out of his private “office” and into the schoolroom onto my desk and put myself on the work table.

Then Chris built me some shelves in the furnace room for all my stuff. After all, my rule is “If it doesn’t have a home, it can’t stay”. And I just wasn’t willing to give up any more stuff… :o)

craft organize 07

So I tackled the job all at once. I can only take so much disaster for so long… And since it only gets worse before it gets better, it had to get done quickly!

craft organize 01

I picked up some bins, put everything away, labeled and yes, even got rid of…

craft organize 02craft organize 03craft organize 04craft organize 05And viola! It’s all clean again! Now I wonder how long it will last???