Friday, December 21, 2012

Bacon Pop Cans

No this isn’t bacon flavored soda, it’s make your own bacon popcorn in a can!

First you need to follow directions for my Pop Open Gift Can.

bacon pop corn - The Backyard Farmwife

Then you need to make little packets of Bacon Salt. Cut up very large straws (Bubble tea straws work great!) into 1-2” pieces.

bacon pop corn - The Backyard Farmwife

Glue one end shut with a glue gun.

Pour bacon salt into straw sections using a funnel.

Seal the other end with glue.

Place 2 brown paper lunch bags, 2/3 cup popcorn and 2 bacon salt straws in each can.

bacon pop corn - The Backyard FarmwifeMake a label with the directions on how to make the popcorn. You can find the directions HERE.

bacon pop corn - The Backyard Farmwife  Attach the tags and give as a gift. The best part about Bacon Salt is that is completely kosher and vegetarian! So everyone can enjoy the taste of bacon!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Glittery Menagerie

I wanted this year’s ornament to be something a little bit different, a bit original, something glittery…

glitter animals -  The Backyard Farmwife

I picked up a package of clothespins from the Dollar Tree, a couple of tubes of plastic animals, and grabbed the package of glitter from my stash and set to work.

First glue the animals to the clothespin with a hot glue gun…

glitter animals - The Backyard FarmwifeChoose just the right color glitter for your animals. I just had to make a golden goose…

glitter animals -  The Backyard FarmwifePaint each animal completely with white glue. It’s hard to get everything, so do it carefully…

glitter animals -  The Backyard FarmwifeSprinkle everything with glitter, covering every surface…

glitter animals -  The Backyard FarmwifeLet them dry…

glitter animals -  The Backyard FarmwifeI’m keeping the chicken for myself. :o)

glitter animals - The Backyard Farmwife

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hawaiian Quilt

While in Hawaii celebrating our 20th anniversary I saw so many gorgeous and elaborate quilts! The appliqué was so intricate and I knew I would NEVER make one… I fell in love with the pineapple design that we saw everywhere!

hawaii day six 31 these quilts were at the Dole plantation

We did all our souvenir shopping at the swap meet at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. Talk about bargains! I was able to get a pineapple motif pillow for only $10!

But my greatest and favorite find was a huge stack of pre-cut squares in Hawaiian prints for only $3.50!!! Yes, I said $3.50! There were nearly 300 squares in the stack!!!

I took my favorites that all coordinated with each other and laid them out…

Hawaii quilt - The Backyard FarmwifeThen I did it again…

Hawaii quilt - The Backyard Farmwife 

Then I posted pics on FB and thanks to everyone’s feedback I came up with this…

Hawaii quilt - The Backyard FarmwifeIt took a while for me to finally finish the whole thing up, but I finally did it!!!

I added an orange Hawaiian print back and decided to go with the no-binding method.

hawaii quilt - The Backyard Farmwife

Now it’s ready to snuggle under with my honey while watching movies or reading in front of the fire with a cup of hot tea!

hawaii quilt - The Backyard Farmwife  hawaii quilt - The Backyard Farmwife

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini Advent Wreath in a Pot

Sunday was the first day of Advent, the season before Christmas when we get ready for Jesus’ coming again and remember His first coming.

Every night we light a candle and read a portion of scripture. Each candle has it’s own meeting and symbolism: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and the Christ candle.

At our Family Nite service at church, we made mini advent wreaths in mini flower pots.

advent pot - The Backyard Farmwife Buy purple (or blue), pink and white birthday candles; mini terra cotta flower pots; air dry clay; and fake greens.

First paint and/or decorate your pot however you would like. We used foam stickers and ribbon.

advent pot - The Backyard FarmwifeThen fill the pot with the air dry clay. Top with greenery.

Insert the candles into the clay. If you want to re-insert new candles in later, pull the candles out right away. After the clay dries you can take the candles in and out as you like or need.

advent pot - The Backyard Farmwife  Be sure to use your time as a family to spend time in prayer, the Word and talking about what your family is thankful for this holiday season!

advent pot - The Backyard Farmwife You can look on-line for a Bible reading schedule… I especially like this one HERE.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pumpkin Snowmen

What do you do with all those leftover pumpkins from your fall decorating? You know, the ones that still look pretty good but just don’t have that Christmas-y look. Don’t worry, you don’t need to toss them! Just add some with paint, a few accessories and you have an adorable winter decoration for your front porch!

I did one coat of primer and then a couple of coats of craft paint…

pumpkin snowman - The Backyard Farmwife Then glue the pumpkins together: largest on bottom and smallest on top…

pumpkin snowman - The Backyard Farmwife Then paint your faces using craft paint…

pumpkin snowman - The Backyard FarmwifeAdd accessories: scarf, hat, buttons…

pumpkin snowman - The Backyard FarmwifeThen your snowmen are ready to live outside…

pumpkin snowman - The Backyard Farmwife pumpkin snowman - The Backyard Farmwife pumpkin snowman - The Backyard Farmwife This might be the most snow we see before Christmas, so we’re gonna enjoy it! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Independence Day Crafts

Here are the new decorations I made for the 4th of July this year…

4th of July decor - The Backyard Farmwife This is just a sheet of scrapbook paper on plate stand

4th of July decor - The Backyard Farmwifecut out mini vintage postcards to hang on my tree

4th of July decor - The Backyard Farmwife 

I didn’t make either of these, but I love the vintage magazines and I used to look at the book at my grandparents’ house when I was little

4th of July decor - The Backyard Farmwife

4th of July decor - The Backyard Farmwifethere were three of these tp roll rockets, but the cat demolished one of them :o(

4th of July decor - The Backyard Farmwife

 I made this wreath by tying strips of old t-shirts on a hanger shaped into a circle. Then I hung another toilet paper roll rocket in the middle

I know it is well past the 4th of July but I like to celebrate Independence Day the entire month of July! Patriotism and freedom is good enough to be celebrated all month long!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Simple Baby Quilt

I haven’t quilted in what seems like forever! When a couple at church had their baby on Friday, I new exactly what project to work on at our Ladies’ Craft Day on Saturday! I made a stop at the fabric store, got onto my quilting board on Pinterest and found this cute and simple quilt pattern from Two Little Banshees.

All you need is 6 fat quarters, fabric for backing and binding, and some batting.

I was going to just “stitch in the ditch” but I decided I liked quilting an inside border in each block better.

Here’s how it turned out…

baby quilt 01 baby quilt 03baby quilt 02I love the way the brown quilting makes the blocks pop!

baby quilt 04  

I chose a coordinating stripe for the back

I can’t wait to go and see the baby and take him his new quilt!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Decorations

Here are the decorations I put up for Easter. I didn’t make most of them myself, but the ones I did are super simple…

easter decs 04 easter decs 05 Love this plate! And it’s from the year I was born!!!

easter decs 01

this sweet vintage tablecloth was a birthday gift from my sister

easter decs 06

vintage crocheted potholders from my friend, Cheryl and a vintage scrapbook paper bunting I made myself

easter decs 02

easter decs 03I made this bunting by cutting out two identical eggs from scrapbook paper, folding the top egg in half and sewing both onto a paper pennant.

easter decs 07 

easter decs 08these sweet little chicks are almost too cute to only have out at Easter

easter decs 09 

I cut egg shapes out of tissue paper glued onto wax paper to hang in the windows as suncatchers

easter decs 10

This Easter wreath is just a bunch of stuff I got from The Dollar Tree glued onto a grapevine wreath

easter decs 17

This was made by a member of a church we served while in seminary

easter decs 12

easter decs 11my chocolate bunny looks perfect next to this vintage block print

easter decs 13

 easter decs 14

I like decorating this tree so much I may just leave it up year round!

 easter decs 15

easter decs 16

these eggs have battery candles in them, I just need to remember to turn them on after dark… LOL