Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pop Open Gift Cans

I got one of those nifty safety can openers for Christmas! I have wanted one for forever, but our 20 year old model still worked and I couldn’t justify getting a new one. But someone must have taken note of my often drooling over them in the kitchen gadget section because there was one waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

It works like a dream! But the best part is that once you’ve removed the completely now harmless lid, it just pops right back on top of the can. Now I thought about it for a while and wondered how could that little feature be used to my advantage. Then I realized what it was… Gifts!

Fun, tricky, makes people wonder how you did it kind of gifts!

gift can 09

Here’s how you do it…

First you have to buy a fancy new can opener or subtlety convince someone else to buy one for you. :o)

Then buy some canned food that has a pop-off top and a normal can bottom. Not like the bottoms of some of those new soup cans! Those don’t come off with a can opener. I find myself looking through cans of food with pop tops and buying them even if I don’t need them simply because I like the size of the can… I know. I know. ;o)

gift can 01

When it is time to eat the food from the can, open the BOTTOM of the can with your can opener.

gift can 02  Eat the food from the can!

gift can 03Then peel off the lid and wash the can and the bottom “lid”. Don’t worry, it’s not sharp! LOL

gift can 04  After the can is completely dry, cover it with whatever paper you like. This is the part where you can be as creative as you want to be!

gift can 06Now remember, your gift can has no bottom but still has that nifty pop-off top! :o)

Flip your can over and fill it with whatever you’d like. Mine is filled with some homemade candies. Yum!

Keep in mind that whatever is on the top when you fill it will be on the bottom when it is right-side up… My marshmallows are under those caramels.

gift can 07 Now pop the “lid”/bottom back onto the can. You can glue it on if you’d like but I thought it stayed on pretty well just the way it was.

gift can 08 And there you have it! The recipient will be totally baffled as to how you did it! Unless you cave in and tell them… ;o)

gift can 09

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