Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini Advent Wreath in a Pot

Sunday was the first day of Advent, the season before Christmas when we get ready for Jesus’ coming again and remember His first coming.

Every night we light a candle and read a portion of scripture. Each candle has it’s own meeting and symbolism: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and the Christ candle.

At our Family Nite service at church, we made mini advent wreaths in mini flower pots.

advent pot - The Backyard Farmwife Buy purple (or blue), pink and white birthday candles; mini terra cotta flower pots; air dry clay; and fake greens.

First paint and/or decorate your pot however you would like. We used foam stickers and ribbon.

advent pot - The Backyard FarmwifeThen fill the pot with the air dry clay. Top with greenery.

Insert the candles into the clay. If you want to re-insert new candles in later, pull the candles out right away. After the clay dries you can take the candles in and out as you like or need.

advent pot - The Backyard Farmwife  Be sure to use your time as a family to spend time in prayer, the Word and talking about what your family is thankful for this holiday season!

advent pot - The Backyard Farmwife You can look on-line for a Bible reading schedule… I especially like this one HERE.

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