Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The 3 Foot Rule

I just finished a quilt that reminded me anew of why I love the "3 foot rule". I LOVE the quilt, but it isn't quite heirloom quality. Math never was my best subject. I've used a pattern simply as inspiration many times before and it worked just fine. Maybe I just got too cocky.
The rule goes like this...
"If someone is standing more than 3 feet away and says your quilt looks beautiful, than it is beautiful."

No one knows all the flaws but you. And if you don't tell them, they'll probably never notice. Or they'll notice later. :o)
Chris' aunt told me that when I was first learning to quilt and it took all the stress and worry out of it.
It doesn't have to be PERFECT, just lovingly made and loved.
Here are some of my favorite quilts that I made a few years ago that I also love and passed the "3 foot rule" (but not any closer)

this one was adorable but the ink for the embroidery that was supposed to wash out when it was done, didn't (I was really disappointed)

Don't worry if they're not perfect, we're not either. LOL

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