Monday, June 1, 2009

New Threads

Ok, well I don't have any new clothes or new sewing threads. But I did go to JoAnn's Grand Opening and bought a couple of thread organizers.

With all the new thread I got for my birthday, my thread drawer was becoming quite a hodge podge of spool and a tangle of loose ends. So my big 50% purchase was a thread rack for the wall. I love it,I can just look up and find just the color I want! Now I just have to fill it up! :o)

I also bought an organizer I have been trying to find for years (seriously). This spool holder is fantastic! It is compact and locks the spools in so you avoid the oops I dropped it and now I have to play "follow the thread" to find them all - game.

And then as a last-minute impulse buy while standing in the checkout line I picked up the newest issue of McCall's Quick Quilts magazine. This is by far my favorite quilting magazine and this one had about 7 patterns I really liked! I just don't know which one to think about making next... LOL

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