Monday, July 6, 2009

Play Mats

For Ada’s first birthday this year, I made her some play mats. I used the left over vinyl from the picnic quilt for the back and made two of them. One was a under the sea theme and the other was  a flower garden. They were fun on their own but would also make great pages for a busy book.


play mats 01

first cut out the size mat or page you want and sew on the first things you want on it

play mats 02

then sew on the dirt or sand on the bottom

play mats 05

press down the bottom strip

play mats 06

cut the vinyl to match

play mats 07

add binding

play mats 08

play mats 03

sew on the velcro where you want your pieces to go

play mats 09 play mats 10 

 play mats 11

make the pieces you play mats 12want with velcro on backs

play mats 04 play mats 13

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh those are so cute. They would be fun for place mats too.