Saturday, October 3, 2009

Having A Ball Quilting

Today at our monthly Mom’s Scrap I made the first of my three quilts out of the Moda Layer Cake I got for my birthday. I just need to put a button and buttonhole in it and it will be complete.

layer cake quilt 1 01 layer cake quilt 1 02

It’s backed with vinyl tablecloth for using outside in the grass or sand.

layer cake quilt 1 03

I also tried a pattern for a baby/toddler ball that my friend Alison made. I did two plain ones to start with but am going to make lots more! I have tons of ideas and I’m going to steal Alison’s idea, too… :o)

first balls 01first balls 02the owl one is my favorite 

Thanks Alison! I love ‘em! Now I get to shop for cute ball fabrics… Yay!

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