Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bath Towel Mat

In my mind a bath mat should be able to be washed. I had no idea that putting the cute little round bath mat from IKEA in the washing machine would totally destroy it!

It’s been a couple of months since the boys’ bath mat met its untimely demise, and I decided I had had enough of the ugly old bath towel laying on the floor. It’s just too cute of a shower curtain for that… :o)

bath mat 01

bath mat 02So I took another bath towel, folded it in half and sewed a few wide stripes across it to hold it together in the washing machine. :o)

bath mat 03bath mat 04Then I took some of the fabrics and denims I used in the shower curtain and made the binding to go around the edge.

*Note to self: my sewing machine does not appreciate going through multiple layers of denim and terrycloth. Next time, use only cotton.

But it did turn out pretty good and I think it will wear just fine in the wash!

bath mat 05bath mat 06

1 comment:

  1. I like it a lot and the red really pops, it looks much better than the dingy blue towel just thrown on the floor =) you are so crafty!!!