Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Storybook Quilt

I fell in love with this fabric the minute I saw it at Cool Cottons! So I bought it and made a quilt for my new little niece Elsie. I picked an simple pattern, tweaked it a little and am pretty pleased with the results… Not bad for a day’s work! :o)

storybook quilt 01 5-7-11 003 5-7-11 005  5-7-11 006 Since I spent a few days of Spring Break at my parents’, I got to use my mom’s fancy digital iron! I kinda wondered if it would iron my fabric by itself… LOL

storybook quilt 06

Laying it all out

5-7-11 008

All pieced together!

5-7-11 009

After the shower I commandeered it in order to sew on the binding and finish the quilt.

more storybook quilt 01  The following Saturday Elsie made her appearance at 6 pounds 2 oz and 18 inches!

She looks pretty cute on her new quilt!

baby quilt 02baby quilt 04

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