Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Two Sundays ago, one of the girls at our Family Nite service at church showed us all how to make these beautiful snowflakes! Since we can’t always depend on the real thing here in the PNW, I made some to hang in our living room windows…

snow flake craft 03 snow flake craft 02

Apparently the outside was jealous of how wintery it looked inside… ;o)

snow flake craft 01 Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make these yourself… Sorry, some of the pictures didn’t turn out as well as I would like. But hopefully, you’ll get the picture!

snow flake craft 041. Fold your piece of paper (don’t use heavy cardstock paper) so that you have a square. We used some old legal-sized paper. If you use an 8.5x11 piece, you’ll have less waste. Cut off the rectangle piece left over.

snow flake craft 05  2. Leave your square folded in half.

snow flake craft 063. Beginning at the fold, cut two strips on either side. Stop just before you get to the center of the triangle. Don’t let your two cuts meet. Leave about an 1/2” space in between the two cuts.

snow flake craft 07  4. Repeat one or two more times, making sure your cuts don’t meet in the center. Leave that space! The more cuts you have the lacier your snowflake becomes

snow flake craft 085. Open up the square. Bring the two loose ends together and tape into a roll. Be sure to use invisible scotch tape. You can make the roll as tight or as loose as you want. Just do each of the pieces the same way.

snow flake craft 09  .6. Turn the snowflake over.

snow flake craft 107. Bring the next two points together and tape. You can have a bit of overlap if you like.

snow flake craft 11  8. Flip it over again. Bring the last two points together and tape. Again, you can have some overlap. If you’ve done more cuts, keep flipping and taping until you are done.

snow flake craft 129. Repeat steps 1-8 six more times!

*This is where the pics start to get a bit hard to see… Sorry about the white on white!

snow flake craft 15 

10. Tape 3 of the sections together in the middle where your points joined. Make sure they are all going the same direction. Unlike in this pic… Oops! ;o)

snow flake craft 16 11. Staple the top points together.

snow flake craft 1712. Repeat steps 10 & 11 for the second half.

snow flake craft 1813. Staple the centers together. Then tape the two halves together where the points meet in the middle.

snow flake craft 19

I left mine just plain, but the girls at church added some sparkle to their snowflakes!

snow flake craft 20 I tried making one out of a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper. I really like the two-tone look but think it would have been better with one more cut for a more even look.

It was also way too big to make a snowflake out of! But I think they would look lovely hanging just like that! Decorations for next Christmas???

snow flake craft 14

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