Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dry Erase Crock Pot Label

Whenever I make something for a party or potluck in my crock pot I always wish there was a way I could label it so everyone would know what it was. Sometimes I make cute little folded signs to put next to it but sometimes I forget or don’t have time. Today, however I was inspired by some old magnetic dry erase boards for the fridge that I have sitting in my craft closet.

I cut one up, added some stickers and viola!  Quick and easy, reusable labels for my crock pots! And now my red one is an owl crock pot, too…

crock pot labels - The Backyard FarmwifeJust make sure you cut them so they fit where you want them to go on your crock pot. My oval one was almost too big…

crock pot labels - The Backyard Farmwifecrock pot labels - The Backyard FarmwifeI think this is one of my best ideas in a long time!

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