Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now It's Kniffty

Last Christmas the boys got me the rectangle Knifty Knitter. I really like my round ones, so they decided I should try something new. Unfortunately I could never figure out the directions to use the thing.

Today I resolved that I should learn how to loom knit things that aren't round. When my friend and I couldn't figure it out together, I took more drastic measures. I went to YouTube and found a video on How To Knit With A Loom.

Thankfully a wonderful teenage girl named Joccy made some great tutorial videos on how to use the knitting loom. She is a great teacher and now I am going to start a project for Girls' Nite Out on Friday at church. Yeah!

The videos were so good that I decided to post them here. And that way I will have easy access when I need help again... LOL

I'm not to this point yet, but I thought I would post this one too...

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