Friday, April 23, 2010

Old Jeans Made New

What can you do with an old pair of jeans cut into 8 inch squares???

One, you can make them into little fabric “bowls”. They are fun and you can put just about anything you want into them. As long as it isn’t something wet… LOL  If you make them bigger, they make great napkin holders!

jeans projects 01 jeans projects 02I made 7 of them last night, but I forgot to take pics before I gave them all away… :o)

You can also make them into little fabric “envelopes”. We use the envelope system for budgeting. But I was getting tired of having beat up old bank envelopes in my purse. So I made some new cute ones, with fun liners, buttons and velcro closures.

jeans projects 03jeans projects 04jeans projects 05jeans projects 06jeans projects 07

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