Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing In The Great Outdoors

I probably never would have thought of this on my own… While we were camping at my parents’ creek property, my sister’s and I had a sewing day at my aunt and uncle’s house right next door. Since she was watching the grandkids, she put us out on a big table on the deck. It was so peaceful and inspiring to sew while watching the river flow by and hear the wind in the trees!

Then I thought, “I have a deck. Why don’t I ever sew out on my deck?”

Saturday was one of the few hot sunny days we’ve had all summer but I really wanted and needed to do a bit of sewing. So I drug all my sewing stuff up to the deck and set myself up on the patio table. It was lovely, and much cooler than in the house! The breeze was lightly blew, the birds were singing in the trees… I should always sew outside in the summer!

deck sewing 01

My outdoor sewing set-up

deck sewing 05

The view from my Elna

 deck sewing 02

The daunting pile of already-cut-out cozies to be sewn

deck sewing 04

deck sewing 03

The first of three cozies I finished!

I’m so looking forward to my next free sunny day to do some more sewing on the deck! Having all those pins and needles out of doors must have attracted this big guy to our yard, because he showed up later that evening… ;o)

porcupine 01

Our first porcupine!

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