Monday, November 8, 2010

I Will Never Do That Again!

When I got the call in August, I was so flattered. Someone finally liked something I made well enough to buy them… And not just one, but 13 sets! So, of course I said yes.

That was dumb!

Now I know I’m no entrepreneur and that was very quickly apparent as I began gathering and purchasing the supplies to make the order.

When I made the original ones, I used all materials that I already had on hand and charged what I thought people would be willing to pay. But buying all new materials to match what she wanted was a whole different ball game. If I hadn’t already had quite a bit of the material or would have not bought things on sale, the project would have cost me about $130 more than I charged her. It did cost me a bit out of pocket but not that much. Thank goodness!

Needless to say, all this made this little project more than a little frustrating. Somehow sewing for someone else just seemed to suck all of the joy out of it. I could have had it done weeks ago if I hadn’t found so many things I would rather do like scrubbing toilets, mucking out the chicken coop or just about anything…

On the bright side I LOVE these things! They are probably one of my favorite patterns I made up myself. I use mine all the time! So I will probably be making more in the future (I’ll just be charging more for them). :o)

 cozy order  01 cozy order  02 cozy order  03 cozy order  04 cozy order  05 cozy order  06 cozy order  07  This set is my favorite one!

cozy order  08

I love the cherries, apples and cupcakes!

cozy order  14 cozy order  09 cozy order  10 cozy order  11 cozy order  12 cozy order  13

In case you were wondering, this is how you use them…

using cozies  01Slip the bowl into the center

using cozies  02 

Cinch up the strings.

using cozies  07

Ready to go…

using cozies  03

This is my favorite of the two cozies…

using cozies  04

Pull the flaps over…

using cozies  05

Velcro it into place…

using cozies  06

And off you go!

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