Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clothespin Bunnies

I made these little bunnies about 12 years ago. I dug them back out of the box and made place markers for all the kids to use for Easter dinner… They are fun and simple to make and, apparently, hold up well for years! :o)

clothespin bunnies 02

First paint a wooden clothespin with white paint.

Then draw faces and feet with a fine-tipped black pen.

Glue on bows and white puff balls for tails.

Then make a base out of a piece of cardstock. I used green and cut them into shapes using cookie cutters.

clothespin bunnies 03clothespin bunnies 04Glue bunnies onto the base with a hot glue gun.

clothespin bunnies 07clothespin bunnies 06Hoppy Easter!   

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