Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Egg Wreath

I put up our Easter decorations this week and hung up the Easter egg wreath my mom made us over 10 years ago… It still looks great, except for the three eggs that finally fell off this year. So I took the opportunity to share this simple and fun Easter craft with all of you.

Start with a 14 inch straw wreath form.

Next tie 6 inch bundles of raffia with a knot in the center. Trim ends if wanted or necessary. Finished tuft should be about 3 inches from the knot on either end.

egg wreath 02 egg wreath 04 

Glue the bunches of raffia using a dab of hot glue on the knots around the top of the wreath in three rows about 3 inches apart.

Take 30 plastic Easter eggs and glue around in two rows (facing the same direction) around the top of the wreath between the raffia bunches.

egg wreath 05 egg wreath 06 egg wreath 07It kind of reminds me of a cute little Easter egg nest…

egg wreath 08Hang your wreath with a piece of ribbon or fishing line (I like the invisible look for this wreath). This wreath has hung outside every Easter season for years!  It was just raining too hard on Monday to take a picture…

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