Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bag Lady

I'm not sure I want that to also be the title of my newspaper obituary when I die, but it is potentially becoming a reality. I'm sure the boys feel the same way about hearing "what do you think about this fabric for a lining?" as I do about "don't you think that Link is the sweetest character on Brawl?". We all just smile and nod because we love each other a whole lot!The boys love Super Smash Brothers and I love making bags!

I made 5 bags just last week! (you can see better pictures of them at our Etsy store) And the boys are coming up on almost 120 brawls in only 4 days!

The denim bag is made of the boys' old jeans and is embellished with flowers my sister made. I added extra pockets to the outside of the messenger bag and made a second messenger bag for a friend. (I don't have a picture of it, but she picked out great fabric with the perfect button and it turned out really cute!) I am currently working on the perfect way to attach the larger binky bag to a belt as a special order for a friend of mine who wants it to carry her phone and her keys. I have one sitting on my shelf waiting for inspiration, which may have come from the ladies at Family Nite tonight. Thanks guys!

It is so much fun! I spend all kinds of time thinking about ways to change a pattern or make it better. I ponder what styles look best in what fabrics. But it's not like it's become an obession or anything. Ok, maybe I've let dinner get a little too done because I was wondering what button would look best with chartreuse houndstooth. But it's not a problem (yet). :o)
These are the stacks of fabric I have compiled so far that will soon become my new "favorite one so far".

So many ideas, so little time...

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