Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Perfect Shot

The hardest part of the Etsy store is the pictures. I believe that a sale can be made or blown on the picture. For instance, I just saw a listing for a bag but even after seeing 5 photos of it I am still not sure what it looks like.

Staging is everything. Pictures on a plain white surface are easy to see, but are well…boring (at least for your “cover shot”) Props look good as long as they are not too distracting. Models can be good, but I sell stuff for babies and mommies and have 3 adolescent sons.
boring picture

Then there is lighting… a whole ‘nother problem.

So I am constantly thinking about the perfect places and props, or waiting for a sunny day. Would the fishbowl be a good accent or would the bamboo tray be better? I still haven’t posted a picture of this bag because I still haven’t found the “perfect shot”. (and this isn't it)

But when I do find just the right place or the cutest accent or the ideal angle, it’s lots of fun! I just wish that finding it wasn’t so hard. :o)

good picture

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