Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lessons Learned

Well, I made the bag for my friend’s belt, and we learned that maybe moms shouldn’t have bags hanging from their belt. It just didn’t look right.

The handle did hang better when attached to the back but 8 inches is a little long. One could probably have a nice bruise after a trip to the mall with their phone constantly beating against the top of their thigh.

Also, the belt loop attached to the back of the back should be horizontal rather than vertical. It needs to go through the belt loop and not your belt. The cell phone store won’t take back a phone after it has been fished out of a toilet.(they have ways of finding out) “My accessories bag accidentally slipped off my belt when I was in the ladies room at Target.”

I guess maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, or maybe it’s a potential guy bag… hmmm.

My next project is to figure out how to make an interior side pocket to hold this water bottle. It’s on my inspiration shelf (on top of my quilt squares that are still awaiting the perfect project idea) just waiting for my next bright idea, or some help from my friends.

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