Saturday, March 27, 2010

Better Patterns

I hate patterns! I don’t hate using patterns, although I do usually end up changing them after a while. I hate dealing with patterns! If you thought getting a map refolded was hard, it’s because you’ve never tried to refold a tissue paper pattern and get it back into it’s original package…

Tissue paper is so fragile and delicate. I always rip them and I can never fold them up again.

patterns 01 unfolded

patterns 02

yeah, I don’t think they’re going back into that package ever again…

I have a few patterns that I use quite a bit and have more that I have to trace myself onto tissue paper that I make a lot!

But my friend Bonnie gave me some terrific advice! Trace your patterns onto interfacing. It’s stronger, but transparent enough to trace onto. You can write notes on it and pin it over and over again. And they are WAY easier to fold up and put into a ziploc bag!

patterns 03these are so much better!

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