Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sewing Time

Today I decided to finish up a couple of aprons I started on Saturday and then I made a few new things, too… It was a fun to spend a little time sewing and creating today!

sewing day 12

sewing day 13

these two clothespin bags I made on Saturday out of a quilt I couldn’t motivate myself to finish

sewing day 14

this clothespin bag I made out of a baby shirt I got from “the Bins”

sewing day 08

sewing day 09

sewing day 10sewing day 11

I had barely started on these appliquéd tea towel aprons but finished them today (I love the way they turned out!)

sewing day 06

sewing day 07I made this one today out of some hot pepper fabric I have had for YEARS…

sewing day 03 

sewing day 04

I sewed up a few of these catch-all boxes and realized that it might be the perfect project for some retro hankies my sister-in-law gave me a couple of years ago…

sewing day 05

it was!!!

sewing day 01

sewing day 02

the left-over box fabric got turned into a little pouch to put into my purse

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